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A Voice For Men

I’d like to thank the helpful people on the thread titled Broken Women on Men And Fatherhood, read earlier on A Voice For Men.

I happened upon the site during my research on BPD and Domestic Violence earlier today. Although the site had received negative publicity elsewhere, I actually found the article well written and interesting. The reason it caught my attention was down to the common belief that men with “Mother Issues” turn into raging misogynists in adulthood. For the record, I don’t believe this is the case for every single man who had a poor relationship with his mother. I know for a fact that many men leave behind childhood issues behind and make fine fathers.

Please see below a link to the article and the comments made below it. I received some helpful advice, links to articles to back up comments made and a recommendation to look into the work of Erin Pizzey. I will be taking all of this on board and reading up. I did note that some people were not entirely happy that I’d posted at all, expressing this by rating my comments in a negative way. Since nobody backed this up by posting comments, I’ll take that as their personal opinion and not let that put me off asking for clarification in future, if required.

I think you’ll agree it makes for interesting reading.

And here I realise its way past my bedtime! I’ve certainly learned more than if I’d spent the night looking at pictures of kittens on Facebook! If anyone from A Voice For Men is reading and feels my blog would be of interest, I’d encourage them to keep reading. There will certainly be more of this to come.


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