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Freephone Number for The Samaritans

While I was being incredibly graceful at Pole Fitness (Ha!)…Something random but possibly invaluable occurred to me.

Sometimes we need someone to talk to but it’s too late at night/We don’t want to worry anyone/We can’t think of anyone to listen.

I suddenly remembered that these is a number for The Samaritans which is free to call from both mobiles and landlines: 116 123

The Samaritans cannot take the place of conversations with friends and loved ones who know you best. However, they can provide a listening ear when times are really bad.

Of equal importance, there are freephone numbers for NSPCC Childline and Missing Persons Helpline:

116 000 – Missing Persons
116 111 – NSPCC Childline

Both these numbers are also completely free from UK Landlines and Mobiles. Ofcom has decided that the three 116 short-code numbers are of extreme social value and must therefore be free to callers from both mobiles and landlines.



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