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On the Honeybadger phenomenon...

Web definition: Nocturnal badger-like carnivore of wooded regions of Africa and southern Asia.

Urban Dictionary Definition:
1. Honeybadger
One who doesn’t care, doesn’t give a shit.
He leaves the fridge open, he doesn’t wash the dishes, he doesn’t put dirty towels in the washer, he leaves dirty biking gloves in the living room, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t give a shit. He is a Honeybadger.
care give shit honey badger honeybadger
by nortini Apr 22, 2011 add a video
2. honeybadger

huhn-ee baj-er

–verb (used with or without object)

1. to not give a shit under any circumstances; to have disregard for others’ perceptions or beliefs

2. to have such an insatiable desire that you’re willing to overcome great odds to satisfy it, such as slapping cobras, or fighting jackals
ex: (without object) So what if we get arrested? I’m honeybadgering tonight.

ex: (with direct object) My grade in that class wouldn’t change no matter what I got on the exam, so I honeybadgered it.

Now, the above may be admirable qualities in an animal fighting for survival in some of the toughest parts of the world. I hear life can be hard going in those wooded areas of Africa and Southern Asia.

As far as human beings I’d considering conversing or debating with online, forget it. Little kids pretend to be animals to ward off big scary monsters. If you feel the need to do this I have some advice: Get back to the nursery/Kindergarten where you belong.

Since my online and real-life personas are one and the same, I have nothing to hide. There is nothing I would say to anyone online which I’d not feel able to say to their face. Consequently, I’d prefer to communicate with grown ups who know how to.

Honeybadgers, I salute you.

Humans who refer to themself as Honeybadgers, you’re funny.


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