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Emotional Abuse: Not as Obvious as You’d Think

Emotional Abuse: Not as Obvious as You’d Think.

Another not-so-shining example of emotional abuse, this time with the added stress of premature birth. Another story of survival and courage…Remember, there is a person behind every single one.

The abuser sought to make it “All About him” and accused his pregnant ex-partner of “Attention Seeking” and “Being a Drama Queen”

Words that sound all-too familiar. In my case, for daring to have bad days thanks to depression. For having the nerve not to fire on all cylinders when my ex needed my support, but wasn’t prepared to give me his. When faced with that kind of selfishness, there’s a useful word to remember. Goodbye. Shame it wasn’t on the tip of my tongue when I needed it most.

I will keep posting these and I hope people keep reading.


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