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Eurolines… Don’t even think about it!

I’ve been posting this honest review far and wide over the www. I honestly wish TripAdvisor, Google Reviews et al gave the option of a no star rating. It would be way more appropriate for the appalling service my partner and I received at the weekend.

We travelled from Amsterdam – Paris – London from Friday to Saturday mornings. I made the mistake of booking with Eurolines coaches. It was absolutely dreadful.

The toilet was out of service on the first bus. When I queried this with the driver, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t speak English. To expect passengers to make an 8 hour journey with no lavatory facilities is completely unacceptable.

When we finally arrived in Paris, we checked our tickets carefully. We were required to check in at 21:30, for departure at 22:30. We arrived early at check in, showed our passports and handed in our tickets. We were given a boarding pass and went to departures to wait. There was no departures screen, the boarding card number we were given did not correspond with the coach that arrived. We waited for over an hour, with nobody willing or able to offer any information.

Finally, my partner went back down to check in. He was told that our coach had departed at 21:30, and that there was nothing Eurolines could do to help. After this, the man behind the desk claimed to not speak English. This was the same person who had checked us in with no difficulty around 90 minutes before!

Luckily, I had two copies of the coach tickets. We went back to the check in desk, with the tickets as proof that 22:30 was the correct departure time. Reluctantly, the new desk clerk checked us in and said that the coach was running late. At no point was an apology or explanation for the misinformation offered.

We went back up to departures and waited with an increasingly frustrated party of other passengers. Finally, the coach arrived at around 00:30. Everyone pushed and shoved to get their luggage into the hold, then to board. Again, we were offered no explanation.

I submitted the above as a complaint earlier today. I will be pushing for a full refund, plus I will make everyone I know aware what a woeful service Eurolines run. Not worth the money. Any savings made by travelling Eurolines were more than cancelled out by the stress and anxiety the journey caused us.


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