Hypocrisy and Misogyny: Welcome to Social Media 101

Hypocrisy and Misogyny: Welcome to Social Media 101

Welcome to Facebook…apparently a place for friends to connect, stay in touch and share photographs.

Provided your images don’t display more flesh than the prudish eyes of the powers that be are comfortable with. I’ve heard tales of Burlesque performers having their profile suspended (and even removed) for posting photographs of performances. Pastie-bedecked breasts being Stuff of Sodom, obviously!

“Boobies! Heavens above…We can’t allow grown adults the choice to display those! There’ll be anarchy! The world will fall to pieces around our ears!”

Don’t mind the odd pro-rape joke or misogynistic Meme tho, do they? Nobody noticed…Certainly nobody commented. If they did, nothing happened to stem the flow of bullshit.

That is, until advertisers started kicking up rough. Adverts for brands such as syrupy and patronising “Pro-women” Dove (Pro-profit, more like it!) began appearing on poetically titled pages like Drop Kicking Sluts in The Teeth…Annnnd suddenly there was uproar.

Right reaction, wrong reasons folks.

This shit needs addressing. It always did, but as usual we had to wait for large multi-nationals to fear losing profits. Dove are owned (surprise surprise) by Unilever

Go figure.

Will there ever be a time when common sense and self-respect become a catalyst for change? Watch this space, but you may want to refrain from holding your breath…