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Postcard From An Accidental Sun Worshipper


Hot on the heels of the “Exercise Is Good For You” revelation comes “Sunshine Makes You Feel Good!”

Who knew?

The old chestnut “People feel better when the sun’s out”  began to make sense to me about a fortnight ago. I’ve lost a little weight, suddenly I didn’t feel like covering up head to toe every time I stepped outside. I started rockin’ dresses which I’d not even been able to zip up a few months before. Walking more, leaving the Em-shaped arse dent on the sofa and Going Outside. I shed the last inhibition on Saturday afternoon. Shorts in public! A no-brainer to most on a hot day…But something I haven’t done in the UK for around 20 years.

It made me realise how much confidence I’ve gained in a short space of time. Something that pleases me no end.

Don’t get me wrong…Daisy Duke has nothing to worry about!


Nonetheless, people did not gasp in horror at the sight of my bare legs. They did not shield their offsprings’ innocent eyes. The sun didn’t beat a hasty retreat behind thunder clouds. The sky did not darken above, earth crack beneath me as the world ended. The day continued as it began, apart from the fact I was enjoying the sun. Worrying less what I looked like and better able to concentrate on how well I felt. As planned for weeks, I went for a swim at the local leisure centre. I took swimming lessons all through my childhood and used to go regularly, but it fell by the by as I hit double figures. Not only had I not forgotten how, but I became an instant kid the minute I climbed down the steps! Though I’m pleased to report I did manage to swim more than a few lengths in between pretending to be a mermaid! The contrast between the heat outside and the cool water was sublime. I wandered home refreshed and spent an hour lying outside, on the decking with my cat.

My Inner Goth was quietly despairing, writing poetry and wondering what went wrong. But it’ll do her good to take the backseat for a while…


So my advice to you all is enjoy it while it’s here. I live in the UK, the sun is a national event as we see so little of it. It makes us all a bit crazy in the head.

Sometimes it’s good to get a little crazy!


Albeit getting a little crazy with sunscreen on my skin and whilst wearing shades. With my habitual vampire tan, I’d fry and then turn to dust without.

And speaking of crazy, Monday is Good Mental Health day. Counselling at 11am, followed by the gym and then food shopping. Good Sane Fun. So I bid you all the kind of day you’d wish for yourself.

Peace Out, folks!


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I am...A Firebrand. A mouthy cow. Nobody's fool. A strong feisty bitch. An occasional gobshite. An intelligent and educated lady. An over-user of the word Douchebag. Schadenfreude Enthusiast. Grindhouse Movie Afficionado. A slayer of dragons and destroyer of demons...All before lunchtime! I love...Cats. Dance. Exercise and it's positive effect on mental health. The colour red. My home land Wales, Subculture folk (as long as they rock it and not the other way around!), Long walks in the early hours of the morning, Graphic Novels, Anti Heros, DC Comics. Creative and well-executed skin art. Werewolves, vampires, old Italian zombie movies, horror stories, slasher flicks, B-Movies, Anything Grindhouse and Quentin Tarrantino in general (Deathproof is my favourite movie of all time), Comedy of all descriptions. Wandering around city streets, preferably in good company but sometimes just with my MP3 player turned up to maximum whack. Finding positives in negative situations. I reserve the right to me. Your permission is not necessary or required. I demand the same of anyone who enters my life with the intention of staying.

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  1. Darren

    inspiring dark and funny Em.

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